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Time is money. Stop wasting your time at networking event after networking event shaking countless hands for every qualified lead.

Now there's an easier way to efficiently and effectively grow your professional network.

Simply specify your industry and your business goals, and our proprietary algorithm will intelligently match and connect you with the right people.

Introducing Dazah, a social messaging platform designed to introduce you to your future business partners, clients, employees, employers, co-founders, mentors, and mentees — people you otherwise wouldn't have found and yet are perfectly targeted to have synergy with.

Powered by a matching algorithm designed to quickly find and prequalify people that complement your professional goals.

Our matching algorithm learns and adapts to your needs over time, factoring in companies, industries, group memberships, professional goals, location, activity on Dazah and more to find your top 100 best matches, sorted by relevancy. Each time you choose to meet, skip or mute someone, a new match is introduced.

Browse the elevator pitches of your matches and determine in seconds whether there is potential synergy or not.

Click the meet button to start a conversation or the skip button to discover someone new. Finally, no more wasting twenty minutes making small talk before you're able to determine that there isn't a way to do business together.

Engage in real time conversations with the people you need to know but otherwise wouldn't have found.

Existing social networks are designed to help you stay in touch with people you already know. Dazah is different. We walk you through the entire introduction process so that you can then participate in a real time chat through our platform, or take the conversation offline or into your preferred CRM tool.

Effortlessly search our entire database by name, location or interests.

Advanced settings let you customize your experience to your individual needs. Specify your goals along with how important being matched to people within your geographic region is to you. But sometimes you need someone or something specific, and our powerful search functionality handles that too.

Designed for group organizers and attendees to empower real world networking events.

Wouldn't networking events be a whole lot easier if you were able to browse a list of attendees in advance, and figure out exactly who you wanted to speak to, before you're hoarded into a packed room full of 1,000 strangers wearing "Hello, My Name Is …" nametags and expected to make the most of the two-hour networking opportunity that took you three hours to commute to?

We cut out the spam and make it easy to manage all of your conversations.

Because everyone only has the ability to introduce themselves to a relevant match, you will never be solicited by people irrelevant to you. And because we cap the number of introductions everyone can initiate per day, everyone who initiates a conversation with you actually wants to talk to you. Filtered conversation lists ensure you are able to always keep tabs on all your active conversations. Notifications alert you when you need to follow up with someone.

What people are saying about us …

I like it, a lot! It's easy to scroll through the possible matches. The screens are very easy to read. It's a much nicer way to try to reach out to people than through LinkedIn. Jeffrey Siegel
I like that it's simple, clean, and straight forward. As soon as I logged in I was already presented with some user profiles that are looking to hire IT people. Davi Carleial
This is done well. Elegant. You really have something here. Richie Hecker
So far I really like this new networking tool. Clean interface. Sean McGriff
Hey Dani, add a feather in your cap, I had a great lunch meeting today with someone that reached out to me from Dazah. Paul Lipsky
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