Business Networking

We connect 1.15 million people across our network of community & lead generation apps and audiences.
We evaluate behaviors across our network to determine who you are likely to engage in productive, goal-driven discussions with.

Some platforms claim they give you the ability to search for people, but it's nothing more than basic filters across public profiles. Other platforms connect you with other people just like you.

But you need to find people with complementary goals. And you don't want to find people exactly like you. You want to find people who like people like you, and whom have mutual synergy with your own goals and needs.

Our patent-pending algorithm evaluates whom people engage with, and whom they don't, in order to present you with people who complement you and respond the best to people like you.
I like it, a lot! It's easy to scroll through the possible matches. The screens are very easy to read. It's a much nicer way to try to reach out to people than through LinkedIn. Jeffrey Siegel
I like that it's simple, clean, and straight forward. As soon as I logged in I was already presented with some user profiles that are looking to hire IT people. Davi Carleial
This is done well. Elegant. You really have something here. Richie Hecker
So far I really like this new networking tool. Clean interface. Sean McGriff
Hey Dani, add a feather in your cap, I had a great lunch meeting today with someone that reached out to me from Dazah. Paul Lipsky

Dazah is the brainchild of the folks behind DaniWeb, a 15 year old discussion forum for developers, IT pros, technophiles and computer hobbyists. Two years ago, we introduced DaniWeb members to an ability to discover and connect question seekers with answerers by analyzing and predicting helpfulness. Today, the robust Dazah API brings the same opportunities to other communities, meetup groups, networking groups, and lead generation / HR platforms. Together, Dazah-powered apps form a network of niche communities pooling their resources to connect their members based on our patent-pending matching algorithm.

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