Business Networking

We connect 1.15 million people across our network of community & lead generation apps and audiences.
We evaluate behaviors across our network to determine who you are likely to engage in productive, goal-driven discussions with.
I like it, a lot! It's easy to scroll through the possible matches. The screens are very easy to read. It's a much nicer way to try to reach out to people than through LinkedIn. Jeffrey Siegel
I like that it's simple, clean, and straight forward. As soon as I logged in I was already presented with some user profiles that are looking to hire IT people. Davi Carleial
This is done well. Elegant. You really have something here. Richie Hecker
So far I really like this new networking tool. Clean interface. Sean McGriff
Hey Dani, add a feather in your cap, I had a great lunch meeting today with someone that reached out to me from Dazah. Paul Lipsky
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