You have a collection of people.
Our network curates them.
Our user recommendation engine matches them.
Our chat API connects them.
How It Works
1. Log In
Log your users into your app with our secure single sign-on and gain access to their profile, connections, behaviors, and datapoints available from across all of the apps they participate in across our network.
2. Match
Leverage our trainable matching algorithm which uses machine learning to determine the likelihood that people, upon being introduced, will engage in productive, goal-driven discussions.
3. Profit
Generate a revenue stream when your users connect and engage while a smart pricing model dissuades them from introducing themselves when it's not determined mutually beneficial.
Use Cases
Organizations with access to large collections of people that could benefit from discovering and connecting with each other
Online communities seeking additional revenue streams beyond advertising
Niche groups who want access to more than just a narrow perspective of their users
Want to build an app for users already in our network?

Our highly curated audience segments can be imported into your app. Build networking tools that tap into and connect 1.15 million people.

Not Technical?

We partner with select web hosting service providers to offer you a fully-managed, white-labeled version of our networking tool.

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